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Ambulatory Surgery Center Software

Integrated ASC EHR and PM Software

We provide advanced EHR and Practice Management solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of ambulatory surgery centers. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance operational efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Cloud-based EHR and Practice Management


Keep track of your patients' records, efficiently. Customize templates for consultations, surgical procedures, and follow-up appointments.

Cloud-based EHR and Practice Management

Practice Management

Automate scheduling to streamline use of operating rooms and the allocation of medical staff. Optimize revenue with advanced billing and claims management.

Cloud-based EHR and Practice Management

Interfaces & Integrations​

Unlock the Power of Integration with over 600+ secure integrations to all major EMR systems, and a healthcare network of labs, pharmacies, and healthcare solutions.


Streamline Patient Scheduling And Waitlist Management

Efficient management of schedules and waitlists is critical for the smooth operation of any Ambulatory Surgery Center Software. Our software includes a waitlist dashboard that allows staff to filter and manage appointments by date, location, procedure type, and urgency. This tool ensures optimal scheduling, reducing wait times and improving the overall efficiency of service delivery, which in turn enhances patient satisfaction and operational throughput.

Utilize Pre-made EMR Consult Form Templates

Our specialized EHR system includes access to a global clinical templates library, offering a wide range of pre-made EMR consult form templates for various procedures. This feature enables healthcare providers to leverage expertly designed forms that ensure comprehensive data capture and compliance with clinical standards, significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of patient consultations.

ASC Software

Customize Templates to Fit Your Requirements

Recognizing the diverse needs of different practices, our professional services staff provides customization of templates for consultations, surgical procedures, and follow-up appointments. This flexibility allows ASCs to tailor the documentation process to align perfectly with their specific operational needs and specialties, ensuring that all critical information is meticulously recorded and easily accessible.

Digitize Intake Forms, Procedure/Prep Handouts, and Consent Forms

Our software solution simplifies the patient intake process by digitizing registration forms, procedure/prep handouts, and consent forms. These essential documents are integrated into the existing patient portal, making them readily available to patients and staff. This not only streamlines administrative workflows but also enhances patient engagement by providing them with easy access to necessary information and educational resources.


Track Care Your Way

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf EHR and Practice Management Software for your Surgery Center. We are committed to providing the most advanced solutions to ambulatory surgery centers. Designed for precision, and tailored for you, Harris CareTracker offers customizable templates, workflows, role-based dashboards, advanced analytics, training, and support that feel like they were made just for you and your team.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We chose Harris CareTracker for our office because of its cost-effectiveness and since changing to them, we have seen a significant increase in our monthly savings. The standout feature has been the excellent customer support and training!

Tara Warnock

Tara Warnock

Billing Specialist | Naples Vascular Specialists

Harris CareTracker has transformed my ability to manage operations effectively across the Front Office, Billing, and Clinical workflows. Thanks to the detailed personalized training and ongoing support from the CareTracker team, I now navigate the system confidently and efficiently, greatly enhancing our practice’s capabilities.

Mary Beth O'Brien

Mary Beth O'Brien

Office Manager | Integrated Dermatology Group

It’s really easy to use Harris CareTracker Practice Management. Very easy to learn.

Lauren O'Brien

Lauren O'Brien

Billing Manager | New England OB/GYN

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