Professional Services

Unlock the Full Potential of CareTracker with Our Suite of Professional Services and Managed Services.

Professional Services

Unlock the Full Potential of Harris CareTracker with Our Suite of Professional Services and Managed Services.

CareTracker Services

What We Offer

At Harris CareTracker we understand that every medical practice is unique, and that managing a medical practice demands precision, efficiency, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges you face. That is why Harris CareTracker is designed to simplify your operations, but we go a step further. Our comprehensive range of professional services complement our software, ensuring that your practice runs at peak performance. 

Achieve Operational Excellence at your Medical Practice

Enhance your medical practice management experience with our tailored managed services, and consulting services. From optimizing workflows to providing valuable insights, discover how our suite of professional services can elevate your practice.

Our Services

Practice Management Consulting

Ensure your practice is operating at its best with dashboard audits and PM consulting. Our experts can analyze your workflows and help you identify knowledge gaps, gain efficiencies, and increase collections.

MIPS Reporting

Stay compliant and maximize incentives with our MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) reporting services. We help you navigate the complex world of MIPS reporting with ease.

Building and Maintaining Schedule Templates

No time to get your schedule how you really want it? We can build and maintain customized appointment scheduling templates tailored to your practice's unique needs. Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and optimize your daily workflow.


Struggling to find time to run the reports you need to efficiently run your practice? Unlock the power of data with our reporting services. You provide us with your desired report output, and we create those reports for you as a one-time or monthly recurring service.

Personalized Training

Empower your team with comprehensive training services. Ensure that every member of your staff is confident and proficient in using our Medical Practice Management solution.

EMR and PM Workflow Optimization

Maximize efficiency and minimize disruptions with our EMR and PM workflow optimization services. We fine-tune your processes to improve staff productivity and patient satisfaction.


Leverage the power of data analytics to make informed decisions. Our analytics services with Tableau provide you with meaningful insights into your practice's performance and financial health.

EMR Templates

Tailor your EMR templates to suit your practice's specific requirements. Our experts create and maintain templates that streamline your documentation processes.

Building and Maintaining Letters

Do you have a patient letter that you're looking to have Harris CareTracker fill in some fields automatically but no time to build it? Our consultants can generate, customize, and maintain letters for you.

Dashboard Maintenance

Revitalize your healthcare practice with our specialized clean-up services. We meticulously address credit balances or other overlooked items on your dashboard, ensuring your billing team's focus stays sharp while maximizing financial efficiency.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We chose Harris CareTracker for our office because of its cost-effectiveness and since changing to them, we have seen a significant increase in our monthly savings. The standout feature has been the excellent customer support and training!

Tara Warnock

Tara Warnock

Billing Specialist | Naples Vascular Specialists

Harris CareTracker has transformed my ability to manage operations effectively across the Front Office, Billing, and Clinical workflows. Thanks to the detailed personalized training and ongoing support from the CareTracker team, I now navigate the system confidently and efficiently, greatly enhancing our practice’s capabilities.

Mary Beth O'Brien

Mary Beth O'Brien

Office Manager | Integrated Dermatology Group

It’s really easy to use Harris CareTracker Practice Management. Very easy to learn.

Lauren O'Brien

Lauren O'Brien

Billing Manager | New England OB/GYN

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Our commitment to your success extends beyond software solutions. We believe that seamless practice management is achieved through a combination of powerful technology and expert guidance. With our professional services, you gain a dedicated partner in your quest for operational excellence.   

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