We offer state-of-the-art medical interfaces to medical practices. We are the right choice if you are looking for an interface that will help you manage all the technology you have at your practice. Get started today!

What We Offer

At Harris CareTracker, we offer a medical interface that enables healthcare providers to interact efficiently. Our medical interfaces provide a range of features that help healthcare providers to streamline their workflow, manage patient information, and improve the quality of care they provide.

Features of Our Interface

Demographics Interface

Exporting patient demographics has never been easier. With our interface, you can easily access your patient demographics and export them as a file, sent to labs or any other medical facility. This export file can be updated according to the latest information.

State Immunization

Our interface allows users to interact with the state immunization registries and other medical records and bring them to one place for easy accessibility. And Get started with a medical interface for your practice by contacting us today.

Patient History

Our interface tool now makes it simple to access medical history. Your medical practices can utilize this tool to gather the medical information histories of your patients before their first visit. Let us help your practice with our efficient interface.

Benefits of Harris CareTracker’s Medical Interface

Medical interfaces are an essential tool for modern healthcare providers, allowing them to access patient demographics, medical history, and other information. Furthermore, healthcare professionals can efficiently interact with other medical facilities. This will reduce their workload and allow them to provide better patient care.

Finally, medical interfaces can help improve patient engagement by providing patients with access to their medical details and enabling them to communicate with their healthcare providers. This can also help enhance patient satisfaction and encourage patients to manage their health actively.

Our medical interface will help healthcare providers streamline workflow and reduce administrative tasks. They provide a variety of features that can improve care quality, increase efficiency, and increase patient engagement. For more information, please contact us.

image of EHR patient monitoring