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Pricing for practice management software

Electronic Health Record​​

Designed by a Professional

Unlike other EHRs, ours was developed and coded by a physician, incorporating a lot of real-world input.


Our EHR is designed to save you time by reducing the number of clicks required and displaying more information on a single screen.

Cost Effective

We offer a competitive price for our EHR and ensure our client’s expectations are met. Additionally, we provide a complimentary trial period for you to test the product in your practice.

Practice Management​

Reimbursement Made Easy​

With our efficient technology, you can improve reimbursement rates, identify unbilled items, support provider compliance, and decrease accounts receivable cycles in no time.

Efficient Check-In​

Access more information during check-in by instantly verifying your patient’s financial responsibility and generating comprehensible benefit statements.You will also receive intelligent alerts for any patient data issues that require your attention.

Enhanced Visibility​

Control claims by using the Claims Manager feature, which allows you to review claims before submitting them. This can help increase reimbursement rates, identify unbilled items, ensure provider compliance, and reduce accounts receivable cycles.

Take Advantage of Our Popular Options Bundle for Independent Practices and Save Money​​

Join the providers who maximize their overall value by integrating our EHR product with our Practice Management system.Our PMS platform will endeavour to ensure that your practice, patient and clinical data is always fully accessible. Choose the device to use and work freely whilst on the move. You are provided with all the relevant management tools needed to fully operate all areas of your practice or clinic from a single locationWe provide a fully customisable software suite which means that it can be as simple or advanced as you would like.

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