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Integrated SaaS Electronic Health Records and Practice Management solution.

CareTracker EHR

Servicing Thousands of Providers for 20+ Years

Cloud-based EHR and Practice Management

Electronic Health Records

  • Real-time access to patient data
  • Streamlined documentation and charting
  • Customizable templates for personalized care
Cloud-based EHR and Practice Management

Practice Management

  • Effortless appointment scheduling and alerts
  • Streamline billing and invoicing
  • Claims and collections management for revenue optimization

Why Choose Harris CareTracker? ​

  1. Integrated and Fully Certified cloud EHR and Practice Management solution: Streamline workflows and eliminate the hassle of managing multiple systems.
  2. Seamless Interoperability: The CareTracker has 600+ integration with all major EMRs and a healthcare network.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Built with user experience in mind, the intuitive interface and role-based dashboards ensures a smooth learning curve, allowing your team to maximize efficiency from day one.
  4. Tailored for Independent and Small Clinics: Highly customizable EMR templates to meet your specific needs and specialty.  Ccalable, allowing you to grow without worrying about outgrowing your EHR system.
  5. Customized Training, Support, and Reporting: We help you get the most ROI from your EHR system and focus on what matters most – providing quality care to your patients.
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