Practice Management

Simplify scheduling, billing, claims, and collections, and more.

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Practice Management

Empower your staff with our web-based medical practice management software that seamlessly integrates with Healthcare Networks and over 600+ EMR and ETOR systems.​

CareTracker Practice Management

What We Offer?

Our solution is designed to simplify the administrative functions of your practice, from scheduling appointments to managing billing, and claims. It’s time to focus on what you do best: patient care.

With centralized patient data, healthcare staff can easily access and update patient information , appointments, and billing information. This can help to improve patient care by ensuring that healthcare providers have accurate and up-to-date information about their patients.

Elevate Efficiency, Maximize Revenue, and Put Patients First with our Practice Management Software

Practice management solutions are essential tools for healthcare providers who want to stay competitive and provide the best quality of care possible. By automating practice-related tasks, our solutions empower healthcare providers to significantly reduce costs, optimize efficiency, and elevate the quality of patient care.

Our medical Practice Management software securely integrates within Healthcare Networks and has seamless connectors to over 600+ EMR and ETOR solutions. Entrust your everyday operations to our continuously evolving practice management solutions. From intuitive billing to smooth scheduling, we’ve simplified the complexities of running a healthcare practice. Our goal is to keep pace with technology’s rapid advancement, delivering up-to-date solutions that make your day-to-day effortless. Get in touch today and let us kelp you transform your practice.

Features of Harris CareTracker Practice Management

Our goal is to keep pace with technology’s rapid advancement, delivering up-to-date solutions that make your day-to-day effortless and enhances the efficiency of your practice.

Appointment Scheduling

Keep your schedule organized and your patients on track. Equip your staff to easily schedule appointments, send reminders, and manage patient wait times.

Patient Alert

The Patient Alert feature gives a consolidated view of all patient data, like patient demographics, account balance, and co-pay, in an intuitive dashboard.

Eligibility Check

Ensure hassle-free patient interactions with our real-time eligibility check feature. Verify if the patient's insurance coverage is up-to-date and accurate.

Patient Payments

Automate billing, generate invoices, and provide patients with secure online payment options to reduce administrative costs, and enhances the patient payment experience.

Medical Billing

With our robust medical billing and revenue cycle management feature, you'll experience faster claim processing, reduced denials, and improved cash flow.

Integrated Clearing House

Submit claims electronically, track their status, and receive faster reimbursements, all seamlessly integrated into our Practice Management solution.

Claims Scrubbing

Effortlessly manage your claims with a rules-based clinical editing tool that scrubs outgoing claims prior to submission, ensuring higher first pass pay rates.

Claims Management

View and route unpaid claims by financial class to ensure open claims are worked on promptly and issues are resolved before they can escalate into problems.

Role-Based Dashboards

Interactive, role-based dashboard automatically prioritizes worklists for all areas of a practice, including the front office and billing.

Analytics and Insights

Harness the power of data with in-depth reporting and the ability to create custom reports to meet specific needs, helping you track performance, make informed decisions, and optimize your practice.

Compliance and Security

Your patients' data deserves the utmost protection. We're committed to HIPAA compliance and robust security measures, ensuring that your practice remains safe and compliant.


Reach out to our support team through phone, email, or chat, and they have the capability to swiftly identify and resolve issues using remote access.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We chose Harris CareTracker for our office because of its cost-effectiveness and since changing to them, we have seen a significant increase in our monthly savings. The standout feature has been the excellent customer support and training!

Tara Warnock

Tara Warnock

Billing Specialist | Naples Vascular Specialists

Harris CareTracker has transformed my ability to manage operations effectively across the Front Office, Billing, and Clinical workflows. Thanks to the detailed personalized training and ongoing support from the CareTracker team, I now navigate the system confidently and efficiently, greatly enhancing our practice’s capabilities.

Mary Beth O'Brien

Mary Beth O'Brien

Office Manager | Integrated Dermatology Group

It’s really easy to use Harris CareTracker Practice Management. Very easy to learn.

Lauren O'Brien

Lauren O'Brien

Billing Manager | New England OB/GYN

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