Revenue Cycle Management

Maximum Reimbursement, Reduce Denials, and Unlock Potential Revenue.

CareTracker Revenue Cycle Management Services

Benefits of Our RCM Services

  • Comprehensive Solutions – From patient registration and eligibility verification to claims submission and payment posting, we got you covered. 
  • Advanced Technology – With over 600+ integrations to leading EMRs and Healthcare Networks, our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. 
  • Proven Results – Our RCM services have a proven track record of reducing claim denials, accelerating payment cycles, and increasing revenue. 
  • Dedicated Support – From implementation to best practice recommendations and ongoing optimization, we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals. 
  • Customized to your needs – Whether you require specific reporting capabilities, specialized billing processes, or tailored workflows, we customize our services to fit your exact requirements. 

Overwhelmed by Complex Billing Processes? - Choose the level of RCM services for your specific needs.

Are you Struggling with High Claim Denial Rates? Facing Inefficiencies in Payment Posting? Losing Revenue Due to Poor Patient Collections? Or frustrated with any of the many challenges in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management? – Let our managed RCM services experts ensure you get maximum reimbursement, reduce denials, improve collections, and enhance the overall performance of your revenue cycle.  

Features of our RCM Services

Registration and Eligibility Verification

Collect patient information, verifying insurance coverage in real-time, and obtaining necessary pre-authorizations before rendering services to prevent claim rejections and delays.

Claims Processing and Management ​

Minimizes errors, reduce denials and ensure faster reimbursement by verifying the accuracy of claims, ensuring compliance with payer requirements, and submitting them promptly.

Denial Management and Appeals

Ensure timely appeals and address root causes to prevent future denials. Proactively identify denial trends, correct errors, and resubmit claims quickly to maximize revenue recovery.

Patient Billing and Collections

Enhance patient satisfaction by providing clear, accurate billing statements, offer multiple payment options, and employ patient-friendly billing practices to improve collections.

Payment Processing

Streamline payment processing and boost cash flow with our integrated solutions, including electronic payments, patient billing, and real-time payment posting to maximize cash flow.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain actionable insights with our robust analytics and reporting tools. Track KPIs, monitor financial trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your revenue cycle.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We chose Harris CareTracker for our office because of its cost-effectiveness and since changing to them, we have seen a significant increase in our monthly savings. The standout feature has been the excellent customer support and training!

Tara Warnock

Tara Warnock

Billing Specialist | Naples Vascular Specialists

Harris CareTracker has transformed my ability to manage operations effectively across the Front Office, Billing, and Clinical workflows. Thanks to the detailed personalized training and ongoing support from the CareTracker team, I now navigate the system confidently and efficiently, greatly enhancing our practice’s capabilities.

Mary Beth O'Brien

Mary Beth O'Brien

Office Manager | Integrated Dermatology Group

It’s really easy to use Harris CareTracker Practice Management. Very easy to learn.

Lauren O'Brien

Lauren O'Brien

Billing Manager | New England OB/GYN

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